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Y910Z Wide Chest Press

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Y910Z - Wide Chest Press strengthens the lower pectoralis through a forward converging movement while activating the pectoralis major, triceps, and anterior deltoid. Excellent biomechanical trajectory makes training more comfortable and effective. Balanced strength increase, and support for single-arm training, both thanks to the variety of training possibilities offered by the independent motion arms.
  • The excellent handgrip design helps distribute the load evenly, making the push-pull movement more comfortable and effective. The surface texture of the handgrip both improves grip, preventing lateral sliding and marks the correct hand position.
  • The independent movement of the arms provides more balanced muscle training and allows the exerciser to perform unilateral training.
  • The power-assisted seat allows exercisers to easily adjust to the right training height, providing stable support while enhancing comfort.
Y910Z Wide Chest Press
Y910Z Wide Chest Press Sale priceRs.0.00