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DHZ X6101 Water Rower

Sale priceRs.395,000.00 Regular priceRs.425,000.00

 X6101 - An excellent indoor cardio equipment. Unlike the mechanical feel that comes with fan and magnetic resistance rowing machines, the Water Rower harness the power of water to provide exerciser with smooth and even resistance. From hearing to feeling, it simulates a workout like rowing on a boat, replicating the biomechanics of rowing.


Water Resistance
● Thanks to the characteristics of water, it can provide smooth and even resistance throughout the whole exercise, which brings an excellent training experience.

Efficient Training
● Compared with other common cardio exercise equipment, such as treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, etc. In per unit time, the Water Rower uses more muscle mass, burns more calories, and is more efficient.

Proration Workout
● Paddling motion with uniform resistance, which can distribute the workout load more evenly across the muscle groups, training in proportion to the strength of the muscle group.