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DHZ U3044 Preacher Curl Bench

Sale priceRs.135,000.00

The U3044 Seated Preacher Curl is designed to provide users with targeted comfort training to effectively activate the biceps. The easily adjustable seat accommodates users of different sizes, the elbow rests help with proper customer positioning, and the dual barbell catch provides two starting positions.


Free Weight
● Compared with the fixed trajectory strength equipment, free weight training requires the exerciser to have higher stability and more muscle involvement, and the training is more effective.

Oversized Arm Pad
● With easy seat adjustment, it provides cushioning for the chest and arms of different exercisers, improving training stability and comfort.

Wear Covers
● Protects the equipment from damage caused by Olympic Bars in contact with the metal frame and has a certain buffering effect. Segmented design for easy replacement.