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DHZ U3007A Pectoral Fly & Rear Delt. Machine

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The U3007A Rear Delt / Pec Fly is designed with adjustable rotating arms, which is designed to adapt to the arm length of different exercisers and provide the correct training posture. The independent adjustment cranksets on both sides not only provide different starting positions, but also make exercise variety. The long and narrow back pad can provide back support for Pec Fly and chest support for the deltoid muscle.


Adjustable Positions
● Intelligent ergonomic design features comfortable seat pad with multiple positions for desired start.

Dual Function
● The elevated footrest allows the exerciser to focus on full abdominal contractions and helps to isolate the necessary muscles for an effective core workout.

Adaptive Arm
● To ensure quick switching between the two exercises, the device is equipped with adaptive arms, which can automatically match the most suitable position according to the arm length of different users.

Built Tough
● High tensile steel cables add to the robustness of the machine, and aluminum pulleys make workouts seamless and smooth.