DHZ E3085 Lat Pulldown & Mid Row

The E3085 is a dual-function machine with lat pulldown and mid-row exercise positions. It features an easy-to-adjust thigh hold-down pad, extended seat and foot bar to facilitate both exercises.

Adjustable Thigh Pad: The thigh pad has a quick adjustment function to adapt to different users and training postures.

Dual Function: This device is merged both the lat pull down and mid-row exercise movements.

Protective Bar Storage: The row bar rests on a storage plate with a protective coating so that the bar is out of the way when the pull down is being used. The protective coating keeps the storage plate from scratches and dents.


  • 110 KG steel weight stack
  • High tensile strength cables & aluminum pulleys
  • Ultra durable upholstery
  • 1 year warranty
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